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Movie Reviews

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The Founder-Kids/Teen Movie Review

“Franchise. Franchise. Franchise.” That’s what Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) tells Mac and Dick McDonald, owners of a burger joint in 1950 Southern California. Ray Kroc is a struggling salesman from Illinois. However, his life and career dramatically changes the day he eats a burger from McDonalds. He not only loves the burger and fries, but he was so impressed with the concept…a meal in a paper bag which is ready in 30 seconds. When Kroc leaves McDonalds, he’s excited and thrilled to turn this small town burger restaurant into a multi-billion dollar franchise. Based on a true story.






the founderRating: 4 out of 5 popcorn buckets
Release Date: April 18, 2017
MPAA Rating: PG13
Best Age Group: 13+
Sexual Content: Mild
Violent/Disturbing Content: Mild
Crude or Profane Language: Moderate
Drug and Alcohol Content: Moderate
Will Kids/ Teens Like It?  Yes




Talking Points:

The film highlights the importance of persistence, hard work and dedication!

Sexual Content: Mild

  • While married, Ray Kroc flirts with Joan, a pretty blond piano player who’s also married. Ray and Joan each divorce their spouses and eventually marry one another.

Violent/Disturbing Content: Mild

  • Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s brothers get into verbal arguments.

Crude or Profane Language: Moderate

  • The f-word is said once. We also hear “sh-t,” “a–,” “b–ch,” “h— and “d–n.”

Drug and Alcohol Content: Moderate

  • Kroc drinks alcohol throughout the film.

Will Kids Like It?  Yes

  • I interviewed a 17 year-old boy who liked the film and thought it was very interesting.

Overall this is a very thought wonderful film. Parents need to be aware of the moderate profane language and drug and alcohol content.

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