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The Lego Batman Movie-Kids’ Movie Review

They’re all back; Batman (Will Arnett) and his sidekick Robin (Michael Cera), his loyal butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), and of course his arch nemesis the Joker (Zach Galifianakis)… all as Lego’s. In this film Batman wants to stop the Joker from his hostile takeover of Gotham City, the only problem is Batman thinks he can do it alone. Eventually Batman comes to realize he might just need a little help from his friends and cohorts to save his beloved city.






The Lego Batman movieRating: 4 and 1/2 out of 5 popcorn buckets
Release Date: February 10 2017
MPAA Rating: PG
Best Age Group: 7+
Sexual Content: Mild
Violent/Disturbing Content: Moderate
Crude or Profane Language: Mild
Drug and Alcohol Content: Mild
Will Kids Like It? Yes




Talking Points:

  • The film highlights the importance of teamwork and family. Batman is humbled and realizes he can’t do everything by himself.
  • There’s some potty-humor in the film. There are references to “farts”  and being “silent but deadly.”
  • There are a lot of butt jokes as well. Batman refers to Alfred as his “Buttler.”

Sexual Content: Mild

  • Bruce Wayne labels himself as a “playboy.”
  • Batman loves his body and well built physique.
  • There’s a lot of humor relating to Robin’s given name, Dick.

Violent/Disturbing Content: Moderate

  • There’s a lot of slapstick, silly violence.
  • We see superheroes and villains get beat up, bashed and blown up.
  • There are a lot of bad guys and battles throughout the film.

Crude or Profane Language: Mild

  • We hear, “butt,” “loser,” and “sucks.”

Drug and Alcohol Content: Mild

  • Batman and his butler Alfred discuss different kinds of wines.

Will Kids Like It? Yes

  • I interviewed kids ages 5 to 8 who loved the film. Having said that, one 5 year old  girl was scared, and didn’t like all the fighting.

Overall this is a fun, entertaining film for the whole family. Parents need to be aware of the mild potty humor and moderate violence throughout the film. I recommend this for kids ages 7 and up.

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